​Compact 65 Watt external power supply meets Level VI requirements and suits medical and commercial applications : XP Power today announced the ALM65 series of external single output 65 Watt AC-DC power supplies. These compact supplies, measuring 33.5 x 125.5 x 55.5 mm, comply with the latest Level VI energy efficiency standard, introduced in February 2016. The new standard stipulates lower limits for the no load input power of a supply to ensure that much less power is consumed when the end-unit is switched off or not connected, and increased active mode average efficiency to reduce waste power when the load is connected.
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​DC/DC Converters with 8:1 Input in a Half Brick Case : MTM Power® GmbH, the specialist for individual power supplies, offers in its program DC/DC converters in a brick case with an 8:1 input (9…75 V). The PMD150 UHB8 has an output power of 150 W and is available with the output voltages of 5 V, 12 V, 15 V, 24 V, 28 V or 48 V.
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Miniature PCB Mount 5 W AC-DC power supply meets international medical safety standards : XP Power today announced the EME05 series of ultra-compact, single output, 5 Watt AC-DC power supplies. Believed to be one of the smallest 5 Watt supplies on the market and available in either an encapsulated or open frame mechanical format, the EME05 measures just 35.6 x 23.7 x 17.6 mm, taking up minimal space in the end application.
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Low profile IT and medical 90 Watt external power supplies comply with Level VI : ​XP Power today announced the AJM90 series of 90 Watt single output external AC-DC power supplies. Meeting the US Department of Energy’s new Level VI no load / standby power and active mode efficiency specification, the AJM90 consumes less than 0.21 Watt when no load is connected.
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​XP Power offers increased functionality with launch of new web site : XP Power today announced the launch of its new website at The new mobile optimized site is specifically designed to improve interaction and the overall user experience. Site enhancements include additional product selector tools, a rapid datasheet finder, and more comprehensive company information covering topics such as standards certification, conformance to environment specifications and quality assurance details
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We supply the widest range of AC-DC Power Supplies from 5W to 3000W from XP Power, TDK Lambda, MTM Power, EA, Eplax and others.
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With our expansive product range of formulated chemical products, we supply products to leading manufacturers
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The worlds widest range of enclosures in abs, aluminium, polycarbonate, polyester, 19 inch emc subracks by FIBOX, VERO, INTERMAS & HDD.
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Wachendorff encoders, absolute, incremental, rotary, feedback, hollow shaft, profibus.
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We supply a wide range of Ethernet switches in entry level up to hardened mission critical devices from N-TRON Corporation
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Panasonic, a world leader in photoelectric sensors which include safety, inductive proximity, laser, colour, mark, fiber and pressure.
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We supply the widest range of programmable power supplies from world leaders in this field.
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HAKKO Corporation, the globally recognized leader in soldering products with proven solutions that go beyond what is expected
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We supply a range of Test & Measurement instruments from leading global manufacturers like Tektronix, Keithley, Fluke and others.
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Fluke has helped define and grow a unique technology market, providing testing capabilities to mission critical status in manufacturing and service industries.
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Vero Technologies offers a wide and market-leading range of products, including test points.
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Starting out in 1994, Volktek has grown to a company largely focused on the R&D and manufacturing of a variety of networking products.
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