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Innodisk Launching Revolutionizing Industrial-Grade Graphics Card in M.2 Form Factor

Innodisk is aiming at the industrial embedded sector when adding the ultra-slim 4K M.2 graphics card to its portfolio of expansion cards.

M.2 has become one of the dominant form factors in the market and its foothold within the industrial embedded market is growing accordingly. The 2280 M.2 card easily suits the need of the automation, retail and medical markets for space-saving solutions.

The Innodisk M.2 graphics card is one the fastest among small form factor display cards. This 4K card also provides an easy method of expanding your system’s display options and can be fitted with ports to connect to devices using HDMI, LVDS and DVI-D signals.

Conforming to an industrial-grade standard means that all the graphics cards are resistant to shock and vibration, and operational in temperatures from -40 degrees to 85 degrees Celsius. To further ensure stable operation, the cards comply with all relevant FCC and CE regulations.

Embedded systems do not always fit the common standards and as such require a unique approach. This is why the Innodisk graphics card is compatible with both Windows and Linux-based systems with further customization options available if needed.

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