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COM3T Series Multifunction Timer combined with Industrial 11-Pole Relay and Base.

The COMBI Series manufactured by TELE is a universal timer module that is fitted for the 11 pole industrial relay. This device is equipped with an industrial relay that requires a functional timing as a part from the COMBI timer module and serves as a compatible socket. To provide an industrial relay with timing functionality, all that is required apart from the COMBI timer module is a compatible socket.

This series of devices provides the means for delaying up to 3 contacts with a switching capacity of up to 10A. The reliable solution for switchgear and plant construction as an additional timing module for the 11-pin industrial relay. Two changeover contacts and different connection variants for the control contact, power supply and remote potentiometer set these devices apart. Space saving multifunction timer, 8 functions and combinable with a 11 pole relay.