Energy Meter S9XM300A1000VM 1-Phase AC/DC RS485 ModBus


The power analyzer and transducer S6XM300A1000VM measures and monitors all essential parameters of an electric drive completely contactless. Important values as such as Power Factor (Cosφ), Frequency, Vpeak, Ipeak, THD (Total Harmonics Distortion), Real-, Reactive-, and Active-Power can be sent to any kinds of controllers or PLC via the integrated ModBusRTU / RS485 interface. The transducer can be used with brushless DC mmotors as well.

Receiving all of the parameters mentioned above can easily give an overview of the characteristics of drives for pumps, shredders, agitators or screening machines. Critical conditions like cavitation, running dry, over load or a broken v-belt can be detected to prevent damage to equipment

[ pdf Datasheet (587 KB) ]