PLC FPOH with multiple interfaces for connection to multiple devices


High speed and high capacity
The FP0H is 8 times faster than conventional models and needs only 10ns per basic instruction (up to 10k steps). With max. 64k steps, the program capacity is 2 times larger than conventional models. The shared memory can be allocated to program and data registers via a system register. This way, it is possible to allocate for example 64k words to the data registers when there are large amounts of log data or 64k steps to the program memory when there is a large number of programs. By setting a system register, the Ethernet type can be configured as follows:

  • 2 Ethernet ports as a hub
  • Ethernet/IP with implicit messaging as I/O scanner (controller), PROFIBUS DP slave, PROFINET slave, CANopen slave, DeviceNet slave, BACnet-IP slave, BACnet-MSTP slave, S-Link master, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, MC protocol, CC-Link slave, PLC Link, free serial communication
  • High processing speed of 10ns per basic instruction (up to 10k steps)[GU1]
  • High program capacity up zo 64k steps: 24k / 32k / 40k / 64k steps
  • High data capacity: 12k / 24k / 32k / 64k steps
  • 16 inputs / 16 outputs (transistor)

[ pdf Datasheet (1.85 MB) ]